• Happy Heart Mantras

August 19, 2016 - 2:03pm -- Stephanie
About the Vendor: 

I’m Monica, the creator of happy heart mantras. This project came about because I wanted another way to encourage my clients, friends, and family in their day to day moments.  I use these mantras and affirmations daily, and often share them with my yoga students & clients. I usually write them on post-it notes that I keep on my desk.
One day I was at my office giving a massage while meditating and contemplating this question of how to encourage & uplift others in alignment with the work I am already doing (massage, teaching yoga, and coaching people into living their highest expressions of love! Check out my website to learn more about these other offerings or contact me to schedule an appointment!).  This beautiful idea just popped into my head! Hey! Why don’t I write all these wonderful, uplifting mantras that I am always sharing, layered over the years of photos I’ve taken that are sitting in my computer not really being used & loved?!  Good vibes are meant to be shared! So happy heart mantras was born!
My intention is that your altar, the space you create to honor and be reminded of the Divine, will go with you wherever you go. When you outgrow a card, or get tired of it, I ask that you pass it on to someone else who might benefit from it.  A portion of every item sold will go to charities improving the quality of life for all beings! May all beings be happy, healthy, & awakened to our Freedom! May we all awaken to the Light of our own Inner Being! Namaste!
All my love,  Monica


(From The Happy Heart Mantra website)