• Heather Leigh

February 20, 2018 - 12:37pm -- Stephanie
Massage Therapy
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Love each client.
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Heather Leigh has been spreading world  peace, one massage at time, for fifteen years. A firm believer in customizing each session to the needs of the client, she is able to do this from the one thousand hours she obtained in massage school. Born and raised throughout California, the warm sun and progressive nature of the best state in the Union have formed her worldview to one of acceptance and joy. Twice in life, she has won the Universal Lottery, aka two awesome sons. While entertained by the family dogs, cats are her muses and a must-have to create a home. Watch for her name to soon be on the NYTimes Best Seller list, as she is the author of many books of various genres. If she is blessed with receiving you as a client, a welcome is sent to you now. Namaste.

Things that make me smile: Watching my boys grow into men.

Favorite place to visit locally:  Eel River with a backdrop of Sequoias, buy only on a warm day.

Favorite place to travel to: Varies by the trip, but again, an emphasis on warmth.

Favorite Food: Often Thai, but varies by the restaurant.

Favorite Self Care Class: Meditation through chants and sounds.

Favorite Spa Treatment: facials