• Patty Davis

June 23, 2016 - 4:09pm -- EvenVision
Intuitive Services
Life Mission: 
My mission is to nurture my soul, speak my truth, and help others find balance and clarity.
Member Bio: 

I inherited psychic abilities from my father and began connecting 
with the supernatural at a young age. I trained under a metaphysical 
teacher for eleven years and have been doing readings and channeling 
for the past ten. I teach psychic awareness and meditation classes 
along with totem and spirit guide retreats and also help clients 
transform their personal spaces into sanctuaries with positive energy 
flow and beauty.

 My practice includes psychic readings, past life regression, 
connecting with loved ones who have passed, chakra tuning, balancing 
and clearing, meditation techniques, introduction to spirit guides and 
higher vibrational assistance with life's annoyances and nuances. My 
goal is to connect with spirit and pass on information to help bring 
harmony, understanding, balance, and clarity to those who seek it. 

I am simply a conduit through which spirit communicates with you.