• Pepper Hernandez

June 23, 2016 - 4:10pm -- EvenVision
Pepper Hernandez, CNHP Certified Natural Health Professional Natropathic Medicine, Nutrition, and Iridology
Member Bio: 

Pepper Hernandez holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy as well as Classic Naturopath, is a holistic naturopathic nutritionist and medical intuitive who uses raw and living medicinal foods, edible flowers, herbs, spices, therapeutic teas, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils all as part of her nutrition care “toolbox”of healing. Looking at the person from a holistic view, she helps find the underling problem and helps nourish, be it mental, physical or emotional issues.

Fun Facts about Pepper:
Things that Make her Smile: My family, flowers, the ocean, jazz, older couples, other smiles
Favorite Inspirational Book: Raw: the Uncook Book by Juilano Brotman
Favorite Place to Visit in Humboldt: Trinidad
Favorite Place to Travel: The islands 
Favorite Food: Raw chocolate
Favorite Self-Care Class: Belly dancing 
Favorite Yoga Pose: Happy baby pose 
Least Favorite Pose: Firefly pose