• Sexi Seaweed

June 16, 2016 - 1:26pm -- EvenVision
About the Vendor: 

Sexi Seaweed's collection of jewelry and accessories is "Inspired by the Wild," and handmade with passion in Northern California.  The siren behind the Seaweed is Amelia Mosher, artist & designer originally from southeast Alaska.

She credits Pacific Northwest Totemic Art for her interest in Regalia and story-telling through archetypal symbols in her work.  She selects materials based on their metaphysical properties, cultural significance, and any other element of significance that make them distinctive and special.

Amelia uses her intuition to guide her aesthetic choices with intent to create jewelry that celebrates the ineffable cosmic beauty of the Wild.  She enjoys working with raw gemstones, seashells and bones, feathers and items she describes as "artifacts which evidence the sexiest phenomena on Earth!"

The concept of Sexi Seaweed Jewelry was born from Amelia's life-long enchantment with being out in wild places and the goal of inspiring others to fall in love with - and thus protect the integrity of- the Wild.   

(From the Sexi Seaweed Website)