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  • Do you like hot baths? Hot tubs? The feeling of a warm washcloth on your face? If so, we predict you would like a hot stone massage.

  • When you repeat a word or phrase over and over again, its sound and meaning begin to influence your state of mind. The right word or phrase can help you concentrate, stay calm, relax, or focus. 

  • Yoga is a practice that is thousands of years old, dating back before the Indian sage, Patanjali, defined eight different types of yoga 2,000 years ago. Most Westerners who practice yoga have practiced hatha yoga which focuses on the asana.

    What is Hatha Yoga?

  • At Essential Elements Spa, we love to support our clients in their growth, especially when it comes to self-care for the body, mind, and soul. Here are some tips we shared recently in a newsletter that are worth repeating here.

    Three Easy Self-Care Ideas for Your Body

  • One of the first local products we offered in our newly-expanded boutique were the wooden stickers from Woodlab Designs.  With images of roses and robots, dolphins and Bigfoot and more, our shoppers buy them for themselves and as gifts for friends and family.

  • Autumn has arrived in Humboldt County. It’s a new season, and there is also a new you in town.  You may not have noticed, but you are different than last year at this time. Your experiences have created new memories, and you are changed. What are you going to do with this new you?