• Wooden Whimsy

October 13, 2016 - 9:35am -- Johanna

One of the first local products we offered in our newly-expanded boutique were the wooden stickers from Woodlab Designs.  With images of roses and robots, dolphins and Bigfoot and more, our shoppers buy them for themselves and as gifts for friends and family.

The Woodlab Story

It’s obvious that Woodlab Design owners, Jeremy Harris and Brad Miller, love working with wood. Their shop on Street in Eureka is home to a well-equipped work space that allows their creative energy to soar. From one of a kind art pieces to emblems, they work with a sustainable harvest of wood products to bring the highest quality into everything they create.

Brad is a second generation craftsman, with years of Industry Trade knowledge and valuable hands-on experience. Jeremy graduated with a degree in art from the California Institute of Art. They’ve combined their talents to create innovative, eye pleasing and eye catching wooden creations for homes and businesses, and we’re glad they did.

A Touch of the North Coast

We asked one of our customers what she liked about the stickers. “I’m giving my family in the MidWest a touch of the North Coast,” she said, “Whenever we talk about Humboldt they inevitably say something about Bigfoot. So I’m buying Bigfoot stickers to put in their Christmas packages, and a couple extra are going to be stocking stuffers.”

The stickers are stenciled from sheets of real wood (either Walnut, Beech, or Redwood) the stickers are sanded and lacquered and ready for use. They are also thin enough to bend around non-sharp corners and slightly rounded surfaces.

Wherever they end up, these expertly-made wooden stickers are sure to delight. Stop by the spa and browse our display. You, too, are likely to think of a variety of reasons to go home with one or more of these unique designs.

In supporting the work of this local business we join a host of others who value their work, from the displays used by Mad River Brewing Company and Tulip Perfume, signage for the Sequoia Park Zoo, to the wooden emblems used by County government.